Letting Your Dog Choose Their Own Doggy Daycare

December 31, 2014

Why would your dog need dog daycare anyway?

The most common answer amongst dog owners is, “I want my dog to be supervised and stay out of trouble while I am gone”.

Your dog’s reason for wanting dog day care would probably be, “I want to be taken to dog daycare because I get lonely at home, sometimes chew up my owner’s things and I want to be able to play with new and old friends.”

Living in Las Vegas, for example, can make it difficult to simply leave your dog at home because of smaller backyards and the extreme hot of the summer and cold in the winter.

The real reasons why you might use dog daycare services…

We all know that when a people are asked to give us a reason for why they want what they want… that people rarely know the “true” reason.

4 Real Reasons Dog Owners Use Dog Daycare

  1. “I can’t bear the thought of my dog being home alone all day long”
  2. "I want my dog to get exercise so that they aren’t too hyper at home”
  3. “I don’t want my dog to chew up shoes or make too much of a mess at home”
  4. “I want my dog to make new friends and learn how to interact with different dogs”

4 Real Reasons Dogs Want and Like Dog Daycare

  1. "I get lonely, bored, and anxious waiting for my owner during the day”
  2. “I don’t have enough room to run around and frolic”
  3. “I don’t have any friends to play and explore with”
  4. “I want to meet new dogs!”

Noticing what your dog enjoys at home and probably at dog daycare

For this part, it is important to have a good understanding of what makes your pet happy and not-so-happy. Daycare is almost never recommended for puppies or dogs that have strong behavioral issues. Always consult your vet and the dog facility ahead of time with any questions you may have prior to taking your dog to their first day of doggy day care!


Below are some questions to ask yourself and begin to notice about your dog:

  • Does my dog need a lot of human interaction even when there are dogs around?
    • The reason we bring this up, is because some daycare facilities operate with a certain number of staff regardless of occupancy. If your dog can enjoy themselves around other dogs this won’t be an issue. However, if your dog still needs a helping hand from caring staff, perhaps a more caring and ratio of 1 human to 10 dogs might be a better option for your dog’s happiness.
    • Remember: Dogs will most likely be nervous during their “first day of school” and this is completely normal. Your seemingly “needy” dog might surprise you in a few days when they rush right into dog daycare. Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that they won’t miss you!
  • Does my dog do well with bigger/smaller dogs?
    • This is also a question that you should ask any dog daycare provider. If your dog is a little “rough” with smaller dogs because they aren’t fully aware of their size, finding a dog daycare facility that separates dogs based on size will be a must! The same can go for smaller dogs and owners of small dogs. Most small dogs might feel scared or really uncomfortable being around bigger dogs and having a small dog play pen would make your dog’s experience a lot better!
  • Does my dog get easily tired or do they have an infinitely large amount of energy?
    • happy-dog-care-guest

    • One of the biggest benefits of doggy daycare is that dogs get to play and “walk” themselves throughout the day. Most clients of LV Dog Resort, for example, will be thrilled when they pick up their dog for the first time and see their dog wagging shortly followed by a nap on the car ride home or as soon as they get home. This lets owners know that their dogs spent a lot of energy during the day, making it easier to take care of their dog after a long day of work.
    • Note: Some dogs simply have an endless amount of energy and they might not spend nearly as much energy during their stay at dog daycare. This does NOT necessarily mean that they had a less-than-great experience however.
  • Does my dog have trouble meeting dogs for the first time?
    • Some dogs, especially those that are only dogs that started out as pups, might not have the friendly social skills to meet new dogs. Dog daycare or dog boarding can be a solution by allowing your dog to become part of a “dog pack” or “family” where they can be exposed to “good” ways of interacting and meeting new dogs.

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