Luxury Dog Boarding Facility in Las Vegas Nevada

For your precious companion while you are away

  • Pawhouse Suite
  • Luxury Dog Boarding Suite
  • Royal Dog Boarding Suite
  • Classic Dog Boarding Suite
Your dog will expect the best. We provide it.

Our affordable and luxurious services were crafted with a focus on luxury, relaxation, and privacy in mind. This is what makes LV Dog Resort a one-of-a-kind dog hotel and your top choice for Las Vegas dog boarding.

When you and your pet first step into our facility, you will enter an entirely new experience where you are greeted and cared for like family.

Best of all, the level of luxury and attention is competitive and affordable.

While most other boarding facilities in town charge for basic services such as play time, we have the policy of "no hidden fees".

When your dog stays with us, you get the same luxurious and attentive care All the Time, Every Time.

Checkin: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm, 7 days a week

Checkout: 11:00 am, late checkout is an additional $14 per pet (pickup anytime up until 6:30 pm)

The Luxurious Suites

Boarding Details


Luxury is THE standard when your dog stays with us!

Regardless of what suite your pet stays in, the level of care is always luxurious and caring!

Our private and luxurious rooms are the perfect choice for your precious pup. All guests experience...

  • 3+ Potty Breaks or more upon request
  • Continuous Fresh Water switched out twice daily
  • Breakfast & Dinner Service plus snacks
  • Comfortable Bedding just like at home
  • Soothing Music and Television to help them relax
  • Free medication administration
Classic Suite
Classic Boarding Option
Classic Dog Boarding Suite
100+ sq ft.
private room and bed
pre-pickup wash included


Luxury Suites
Our most POPULAR option
Luxury Dog Boarding Suite
150+ sq ft.
toddler-sized bed
personal TV and chandelier


Royal Suites
For a family of 2 or more playful dogs
Royal Dog Boarding Suite
250+ sq. ft. of relaxation space
private futon bed and daybed because having choices is great when it comes to relaxing
private TV and ambient lighting where your dog can relax when not playing
unlimited playtime with new friends


The Pawhouse Suite
...for that reason, there is only 1
Pawhouse Suite
350+ sq. ft. (25 x 15) plenty of room
private queen-sized bed roll around, play, and sleep comfortably
private 65″ flat screen to enjoy before bed
private seating and sofa for relaxation soft relaxation
window views of front area and outdoors


*$29 each additional dog
**Prices are subject to change
***We require all payments at time of reservation

Things to Know Prior To Your Visit to our Las Vegas Dog Boarding Facility

Personal Items

We have all the items that your pet will need during their stay. We only accept dog food, medications, treats, and 1 small toy. We do not accept beds, blankets or water & food bowls. We clean water bowls at least 2 times a day and would hate for your bowl to get lost in the mix of our many daily guests.


We have treats already available at the hotel. However, if your pet has a specific treat that they like, even better!

Dog Food

We recommend that each guest bring their own food so that we can avoid tummy aches, allergies, and a sticky mess.

Potty Breaks

We rotate all of our dog guests outside to a potty area with pet grass every hour and a half by family so they have privacy. Of course if they happen to go in their room or within the play area, our attentive staff are quick to clean it up so that other pets don't play with it or get dirty. Did we mention that all guests receive a complimentary bath before checkout?


Dinner is served at 5pm typically and TVs with doggy favorites are turned on at 7pm right before bedtime so that they can relax and let the day's adventures and fun sink in.


If you are curious about the accommodations you can visit our facility and have a walk-through tour. No reservations are required for tours. Tour hours are Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 2:30 pm Sat from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm and Sunday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Due to safety and liability reasons, no pets are allowed during tour times but you can definitely tell them all about when you get home.


Each guest must meet our vaccinations standards before admittance, this includes being vaccinated for Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper Parvo Combo and Canine Influenza. Vaccine records can be emailed to directly from your vet. Pets requiring vaccination updates must have the vaccination(s) administered prior to check in. LV Dog Resort maintains the right to decline admission of any animal visitor for any sort of factor whenever we see fit that does not have evidence or proof of inoculations, presents indications of unattended or possibly infectious problems, shows hostile actions or habits, or that does not pass our basic health and wellness as well as character policies.

Las Vegas Dog Boarding - Common Questions

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. Due to the safety and well-being of our guests, every dog and cat must be have up-to-date vaccination records that will be requested from your primary vet provider. You can have your vet email them to or upload them directly into your account.

Can I bring my dogs toys or water bowl?

We have all the items that your pet will need during their stay. We do not accept bedding, blankets or bowls. You may bring a toy with pet if you would like.

What if my dog doesn't like to play with other dogs?

Not a problem. They will get private free play before bed time in the outdoor/indoor parks with staff so that they can still spend energy and get restful and relaxing sleep.

How will I know that my dog is enjoying him or herself?

How will I know that my dog is enjoying him or herself?

We know that the first few times that dogs stay with us, they can be a little anxious. Who can blame them? They miss the most special person in the world to them. We constantly monitor all pets to make sure they are happy and healthy!

Do you charge extra for my dog if they are intact?

We do not believe that dogs should be charged more for not being spayed or neutered. However, please keep in mind that for the safety of our other guests, we might need to make other accommodations when it comes to their boarding experience with us.

What if my dog is in heat. Will I have to pay more?

Unfortunately we do not accept dogs that are in heat.

How much does it cost?

It can depend on what type of amenities you want your dog to enjoy. Of course your dog is your loyal companion so you might decide to give him the all-start treatment for the week.

Can you pick up my pet from my home?

We apologize, we do not offer any drop off or pickup services.

When, what and where will my pet have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

We typically take your dog to their suite so that they can eat in peace. During the orientation, we will ask you what time your pet typically eats (to keep their schedule) and will ask that you bring food from home (so that they don’t get sick from eating a new type of food).

Can I visit my dog during their stay?

We try to limit visitations to a minimum due to security and liability reasons. We also find that your pets have more fun when they get to have uninterrupted time with their new friends.

Is there a minimum amount of time that my pet has to stay?

No. We offer our services for overnight stays or for prolonged periods of time. If you are out of town for a week or longer, we would love to have your dog(s) as a guest. Be sure to check out our special pricing for prepaid customers.

Is there an extra charge for giving medication to my dog while they are staying with you?

Your Pet's Home Away from Home
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Checkout Times

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