Dog Training Service

Provided by Daniel Chavez of "Danny's Dogs"

Training both dogs and owners for a better quality of life

LV Dog Resort offers Daniel Chavez, an independent contractor, who has years of experience training dogs under his company "Danny's Dogs"

There is no magic, no quick fixes, but only a Meaningful Change

Positive Meaningful Change

Dogs are very intelligent and experts at reading our temperament. However, they are not programmable devices that can be "programmed" in a matter of minutes Therefore Danny has to work with owners because they are the biggest influence that they interact with every single day.

There is no magic or quick fix that can bring about the positive change that only training of both dog and owner can.

Danny's Dog Training Approach

Danny shares his knowledge of canine behavior and psychology to ensure ongoing improvement and efficient training for years to come; Danny will educate you, the owner, to understand why your dog behaves the way he or she does and offer the optimal solution of what needs to be done to permanently improve it. This eliminates the need to constantly correct bad behavior and instead focuses on positive reinforcement that requires less correction from dog owners. Earning in your dog's trust and respect can help you to understand and bond with your dog faster and easier without pain or intimidation.

His method of working with your dog does NOT include bribes, such as food or treats. Instead, Danny teaches you how to properly reward your dog with toys, food, water, and love.

Danny does not use harsh methods such as prong collars, spray bottles, shock collars, yelling or intimidation. "I will share my knowledge and skill on how to be fair leader 'Not a dictator' so that your dog will trust you and be comfortable and relaxed. This will go a long way in creating a trusting and loving relationship with your dog-a dog that you can take anywhere!

If we can be "on the same page" - in other words, if you can follow my guidance and work diligently with your dog every single day, I am confident that, as a team, we can make it happen!

Dog Training Classes

Basic Dog Training

Basic Manners

Course addresses: Pulling on leash, sitting before entering or exiting any door, responding to name, Place Command, Staying Down around distraction until released, jumping and learning to respect the word no! At the end of the course your dog will have learned through positive motivation.

Course duration: 5 days of training + 1 hour of owner training

During your dog’s stay at LV Dog Resort, your pet will learn basic manner training with Daniel Chavez our hand-selected dog behaviorist. Danny will work hard to bond and earn your dogs trust and respect. This is the most important step in the learning process, because when your dog is content and happy the stress levels go down and the learning can truly begin.

Basic manners consists practicing patience, not over reacting to distractions and safety on a leash while you are traveling, home or anywhere else. At the end of the week of your dogs education process, Danny will show you what your dog has learned and also have you practice all the skills until you are comfortable doing them with your dog.

Advanced Dog Training

Advanced Training

Course addresses: Building upon the Basic Manners course advancing to off leash control techniques and basic obedience. The follow up session allows you to fine tune your skills with private instruction following the completion of the 10 day, in-board training.

Course duration: 10 days of training + 1 hour of owner training

Our advanced course is for those that are looking for a more polished performance. In this course your dogs cognition skills are put to the test, and where your dog's decision making is influenced by us. As a result your dog's confidence increases in obeying commands influenced by the owner.

After completing the Advanced Training Course, Danny will share his knowledge on how to maintain your dogs great behavior and strengthen your bond with your best friend.

Out and About

Learning to be "Out and About" in the real world

Just like us humans participate in other activities when we are on vacation, dogs too need to participate in some of the activities that LV Dog Resort offers.

Our "Out and About" program will bring the most joyful experience to your dog. Instead of regular play time indoor during daycare or boarding. Our professional trainer Daniel Chavez will take your dog to experience the outside in a structure and safe way, where they will benefit tremendously by helping them to learn more about patience, manners and social skills. Danny will have your pet participate in different types of fun activities (weather and day permitting) and many different kinds of cognitive and physical exercises that are beneficial to keep the mind and body of your dog active and healthy.

We offer one or two hours for additional hours and more information call us at: (702) 958-8293

While at LV Dog Resort, consider having your pet groomed!

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