The Right Questions to Ask to Get Quality Dog Boarding

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When you have to leave on a trip, whether it be for business or pleasure, it can be quite stressful to leave your beloved pets behind. This stress, loneliness, and anxiety are likely to affect both you and your furry friend. A good way to cut down on some of this stress on both sides is to find a quality Las Vegas dog boarding facility to watch over your animal while you are away.

There are a lot of dog boarding companies out there, but that does not mean that they have all earned the right to care for your pooch. Before you pull the trigger to let your dog stay with any of the places in your area, you need to make sure they qualify by asking the right questions. The following is a list of some of the most important questions you should be asking to find the right facility for you and your pets.

Can I Tour the Facility?

An excellent dog boarding facility will be more than happy to show you around, as their animal boarders will all be safely secured, and they will have nothing to hide. As you are shown around, there are some important things to look for including, but not limited to the following:

  • Cleanliness: There should not be huge amounts of droppings or fur all over the place. An excellent facility will be able to keep up with this.
  • Visible Staff Members: The dogs should not be alone for long hours at a time. The main reason for boarding your dog is to know that they will be getting the love and attention they need. Look for the staff actively involved with the dogs.
  • Large Private Areas: Your dog will have the chance to interact with other dogs while at the facility, but you also want to know that it will get some good alone time to rest and recuperate. Make sure that these personal kennels are large and comfortable.
  • Exercise Areas: Your dog is going to feel some excess stress and frustration with you being gone. It is not going to understand why you are leaving it there, especially if this is your first time. You need to make sure that the facility you choose has a designated area to help your furry friend run off some of this extra anxiety.
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How Are The Staff and Surveillance Set Up?

Most dog boarding facilities will not have a 24/7 rotation schedule for their workforce. If you find one that does, then sign up, because that is a huge bonus. If you cannot locate one that has a staff or guard on duty during the night, then make sure that they at least have a surveillance and alarm system in place. This will alert the facility managers to issues like fights, break ins, or other problems with the boarders.

What Kind of Exercise Program Exists?

Dogs need exercise. They need daily physical exertion to stay happy and healthy. Some dog breeds need a lot of exercise. If you have a high-energy dog breed like Dalmatians, German Shepherds, or Beagles, then you need to be sure that the staff will work hard to give them this exercise.

Different facilities will have different programs, so you need to find the one best suited for your dog. Some offer personal walks, others have social play groups with dogs of the same size and energy levels, and others do an excellent combination of the two. Asking about this will greatly help you to narrow down the options and find the right one for your representative of Man's Best Friend.

What Vet Access Is There?

Even the most attentive facility will encounter medical issues. Injuries, illnesses, and panic attacks are all common even outside of a facility with so many dogs together all at once. Make sure that you are aware of what the facility can do for your dog in those situations. The facility should have some staff members well trained to handle minor issues, and they should have a vet on call ready to help with other needs as they arise.

Asking these questions will help you feel secure in knowing that your dog will be safe and happy while you are away. Of course, there is no substitute for the happy home your dog has with you, but you can feel good knowing you are doing the best thing possible to care for your furry friend.

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