Things to Know Before You Travel to Las Vegas with Pets

Las Vegas, Nevada is one interesting place to visits. You can bring along your pets, despite the heat, you will still enjoy some quality time in the dog parks around the valley. There are many kinds of dog breeds in Las Vegas, but you need to take a few precautions for your furry friend.

However, due to the extreme heat conditions during the summer, you cannot keep your dog outside for too long. They can go outside to play for some time, but it will not take long before they come back indoors looking for shade and to cool off.

Traveling to Las Vegas with Pets

Bring along your pets' booties. Although they are expensive, if you do not have them for your dog, they go a long way into keeping your fur friend's paws safe from blisters and reddening. Remember, walking them on hot asphalt surfaces increases chances of hurting their paws, and you may spend so much on treating the condition.

If you intend to spend your stay in a hotel, ensure that they allow visitors to be accompanied by pets. Make arrangements with the management to ensure your dog gets a fresh supply of water, especially when you are in the hotel. It's hotter and drier, most time of the year than other parts of the country.

At times, Las Vegas falls to the freezing mark, especially in the evenings. During the cold spells, you may be required to avoid shaving the pooch of your pets. Also, you may bring along dog apparel such as sweaters and jackets to help in fighting away the cold.

Do not forget to go through the Nevada laws on pets. For example, leaving your pet in the car unattended or unsafe conditions is a criminal offense. You may face animal cruelty charges, since you may be exposing the pet to extreme heat or cold, hence endangering its life.

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