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The best cat daycare in Henderson, Nevada where cats get plenty of play time & opportunities to relax and have fun. You deserve a break, & your cat does too.

Las Vegas Dog Resort II is the premier destination for Cat Daycare in Henderson, NV. We offer a variety of services including overnight stays, grooming and more! Your cat will be happy and healthy when they stay with us. Our staff is trained in feline care so we know what cats need to feel at home. You can rest easy knowing that your kitty will have plenty of play time during their stay too!

At Las Vegas Dog Resort II, we believe that cats are not just pets. They’re family members and deserve the best care possible. We also know that it can be difficult to find time for both of you during the day, especially if your work schedule is unpredictable or hectic. That’s why our cat daycare is so popular! Your cat will get plenty of exercise while staying safe and entertained throughout the day.

All pet guests are rotated through our indoor play park with plush toys and state-of-the-art playground equipment as well as an outdoor play area with grassy turf and plenty of space to run around! Most cat owners automatically assume cat daycare is just a place where their cat can be supervised while they're away at work or on vacation. However, with us they'll receive lots of love from our staff members who truly enjoy spending time with animals every single day - because we love what we do!

Our team has years of experience caring for cats so rest assured knowing your fur baby is in good hands here at our Henderson cat daycare facility.

Cat Sitting in Henderson Nevada

Cat Sitting

Are you looking for a safe and fun place to leave your cats while you’re at work? Do you need someone to watch over your cats when you are away? Our daycare and play area is the perfect place for your cats.

We understand that cats need their independence while still having fun social time with other cats. Our play areas are separated by size and type so that more than one cat can play at the same time. Our staff ensure all of our guests have plenty of toys, climbing structures, chin trees, scratching posts...the list goes on! We provide safe, fun playtime that will keep them entertained all day long!

Cat Care in Henderson NV

Ultimate Car Care Experience

You know how cats are. They need their space, they're not very social creatures, and you can't just throw them in a room with food and expect them to eat it - especially if they have dietary restrictions. That's why our cat experience is tailored for your kitties' needs!

All of our cat guests are fed a healthy & grain-free food during lunchtime in the privacy of an available suite where they can eat in peace. If your pet requires a special diet, please let us know at the time of booking so we can do our absolute best to accommodate.

Cat Daycare Near You< title=

Cat Daycare Near You

If you need a cat daycare near your location, look no further. We take care of your cat like they were our own. We know how much you love your kitties, and we want them to be happy while they are at cat daycare in Henderson Nevada.

We strive to make sure that our cat guests gets enough sleep before they're picked up so their fur parents can swoop in and give them lots of love after they are reunited! They will be happy as heck because we know how much it means when someone takes care of your kitty like he/she were one themselves- no matter if its just once or twice a week. :)

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