Dog Daycare Service

Play, make friends, go home and repeat

Be sure to ask about our FREE day of doggy daycare for new guests. Ask for details! *Valid for Nevada Residents only*

Where dogs come to become social, make friends, and get physically active

A Day of Doggy Day Care at LV Dog Resort

Open 7 Days A Week from 6:30 am – 8:00 pm

  • 1. The Drop Off

    When you bring in your dog for their first or 100th dog daycare day, we will check them in at our front desk.

  • 2. Get Introduced

    All of our play and daycare areas are separated based on the dog size. You MAY rest assured your small pup will play with other pups their same size or safe and fun play!

  • 3. Lunch Time

    All of our guests are fed during lunch time in the privacy of an available suite where they can eat in peace and quiet.

  • 4. Saying Goodbye

    Prior to pickup time at 6:00pm we make sure your dog has some time to rest and prepare to see their fur parent(s) pick them up.

Our in-door play park has 6 large screen televisions with state of the art playground equipment. All guests are also rotated to visit our out-door play park, with plush Astroturf, throughout the day!

We offer 24/7 supervision to ensure a safe, relaxing and comfortable experience.

$30 per day

Only $15 for each additional dog per day

**Note** Dogs not picked up by 8:00pm will be automatically placed in a room for the night.

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Did you know that there are benefits to day care?

Most dog owners automatically assume doggy daycare is just a place where their dog can be supervised while the owner is away. However, there are additional benefits that most dog owners aren’t aware of that could drastically improve the relationship between dog and owner. After all, isn’t having a great and loving dog the ultimate blessing when it comes to dog ownership?

  • Exercise is important for the health of your dog

    When our dog boarding and daycare guests visit with us, we make sure each guest gets as much play time as they could possibly want. During play time, dogs can make friends and chase around other dogs and soon experience the benefits of exercise.

    They can also play with our trained staff and practice some new skills such as ball fetching and sharing, benefits from our expertise in dog training.

  • Dogs who exercise…

    • actually get better and rejuvenating sleep
    • are more agile and nimble
    • can move around and play without feeling overly tired
    • reduce the risk of certain canine and breed-specific issues
    • have better digestion and intestinal health
    • maintain a healthy and beneficial weight
Energy Use
  • Spending energy while playing…

    One of the best aspects of  play time is that it can be fun and also exercise is disguise. Playtime can help your pet spend the energy they eat throughout the day so they can feel content and happy once they go home.

    This can help them keep off extra weight and also make them happier dogs for both dog and owner to enjoy.

  • Our customers like daycare because…

    • my dog falls asleep in the car on the way home
    • my dog no longer chews up or scratches at walls out of boredom
    • they no longer bark throughout the night
    • they wake up energized but not overly hyper
Making Friends
  • Making friends everyday…

    Your dog’s social skills and interaction type with other dogs is always learned from a young age. Most dogs are raised as “only-pups” and often do not get introduced to older dogs who could be good role models. By playing with other dogs and allowing your precious pet to spend time with new friends, they quickly learn how they should react around other dogs.

  • Daycare social interactions can help if…

    • your dog barks at dogs while going on a walk
    • your dog gets defensive and aggresive at dog parks
    • your dog doesn’t know how to share or play with other dogs
    • they get frightened or nervous around other dogs
Human Interaction
  • Interactions with people are learned…

    The way your dog interacts with you, your family, friends and strangers is something your dog learned at a young age. Some dogs never learn how to properly interact with people because very rarely see new people or weren’t shown how to act from the start.

    When your dog stays with us, your dog will learn how to safely welcome humans into their space by interacting with our dog-loving staff that supervises them throughout the day.

  • Daycare might be for your dog if…

    • your dog barks at people knocking or ringing the door bell
    • they try to jump on people leading to scratching, too much licking etc.
    • they are unable to control their excitement around a new person
    • they play too aggressively with people
Save Money
  • A dog home alone could cost a fortune…

    We always recommend to dog owners that they leave their dogs somewhere where they will be supervised and cared for.

    Most people will leave their dog at home or have a neighbor “check up” on your dog while you are gone but it doesn’t beat being at a doggy-specific daycare.

    While you are off working or on a trip, your dog will be anxious, nap a lot due to lack of stimulation and eventually take it out on your personal belongings.

  • Save money by not having to pay for…

    • chewed up shoes or clothing
    • repairs to chewed base boards or scratched walls
    • dry cleaning from your dog tearing up the trash and giving it a personal tour of your home
    • new toys that get chewed up into a thousand tiny pieces all around the house
    • carpet cleaning every couple of weeks because of stains left behind

Day Stay

Day Stay is designed for dogs or cats requiring on-site care during lobby hours. Unlike Day Camp, Day Stay guests do not interact with other pets during the day – making it a great alternative for dogs who are shy or may not get along with others. Day Stays are $30 and are not overnight.

Day Stays are also great for pets who have recently undergone a medical procedure such as spaying or neutering and would be better off with caring supervision while you, their owner is at work. We will monitor that sutures are safe and that your pet doesn’t feel lonely during the after-effects of surgery.

Dog Daycare Bundle Pricing

Dog Daycare
Packages Price Retail Price You Save

Pricing for 1 dog per day

*50% off per additional dog

10 Day $200 $300 $100
30 Day $550 $900 $350
100 Day $1500 $3000 $1500

*Packages have no expiration and all sales are final. Unused portion of packages (after deducting the used services at regular standard rates) shall be transferable for use on other services at the pet hotel but in no instance shall they be refundable. Packages may not be sold or transferred to any pet outside Owner’s direct ownership.

Common Questions

  • Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered for daycare?

    No! Unlike most other dog daycare facilities, we do not require your intact dog to be spayed or neutered prior to playing with their new friends. However, if you dog is in heat, we will make safety accommodations to not rile up the rest of the dogs.

    Will my dog be around bigger dogs?

    No. We always make sure playtime is safe and fun for all of our guests.

  • What if my dog doesn't look like he wants to play anymore?

    In the event your pup is tired and needs a break from playtime we will escort them to their private suite for some private time to recharge or for a nap.

    Can I bring their favorite toy?

    We have plenty of community balls, ropes and frisbees that your dog can play with while at daycare.

    Can you pick up my pet from my home?

    We apologize, we do not transport pets.

    Can I drop them off one day and pick them up a few days later?

    Definitely! In the case that you are leaving town, we would actually suggest you explore our dog boarding services where they will be supervised 24/7 and daycare/play time is already included!